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VR Arcade in Indiana

Waypoint was started by a few friends who experienced VR gaming together in Las Vegas and realized they had to share it with their local community. It was the most fun we’d ever had and we couldn’t resist creating our own VR arcade in Indiana.

What sets The Waypoint apart? Most places in the U.S. have only one free-roam platform. Waypoint VR is the only place in the U.S. that has a multi-platform, free-roam VR gaming experience. This allows you to have a new virtual experience as often as every 30 minutes. Once you play once, you’ll be dying to do it again and again. With us, you can!

Play cooperative missions with as many as eight people or choose the BEST player vs. player experience in the world. Featuring industry-leading technology from Zero Latency. These extreme virtual reality arcade games are so immersive and hyper-realistic that we personally guarantee the experience blows your mind.


Play with as many as four people in our own free-roam VR platform! We work with content developers to provide the best free-roam games available as well as custom design games ourselves to provide the best free-roam VR experiences possible.

This is a treadmillbased game where you are hooked to the treadmill and given a headset, vest, and controller to play the game with three other players. Get ready to run as far as you physically can. 

Why be tethered down? Our HTC Vive VR games are played with no tether. We don’t just put you in a small square to play, you will be IN the environment in our 20×20 rooms with viewing locations.

Race actual race cars on actual race tracks in the newest platform to open up at The Waypoint. Raceway delivers VR racing with road feedback in a hyper realistic way with their racing simulators!

The Waypoint Experience

We have literally hundreds of games!

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