Zero Latency VR Gaming

Featuring industry-leading free-roam technology from Zero Latency, our Xtreme Virtual Reality games are so immersive and hyper-realistic that you and your friends will step inside a world like no other.

With over 2000 square feet, our free-roam arena allows you to play VR the way it was designed to be played: with the freedom to explore in a space that allows you to move around. Our virtual reality games allow you to play with up to eight people or enjoy the best player vs. player experience in the world! Try out our intense eight-person team games or battle it out in the infamous 4v4 game. Want something for the kids to try? We have two kid-friendly virtual reality immersive experiences that would be fun for just about any age! Don’t forget to look for trophies when the mission is complete.

13+ year old minimum age requirement.

Experience The Waypoint

You are transformed into an ethereal, ancient alien, who must work with your clan to ascend through a mind-bending, mystical world. Your journey will not be an easy one, the ancestors aim to challenge your perception of reality, test your group’s unity and distract you with the wonders of this magical world. The worthy will be reunited with their tribe and be welcomed with a celebration fit for the Gods!


Prep your team for a journey through an enchanted forest to take down the Maybee Corporation run by a maniacal genius, Dr Maybee. He will stop at nothing to create the perfect species! The by-product of his twisted pursuit is hazardous goo that has poisoned plants, animals and ultimately will cause the destruction of the entire planet.

A deadly virus is wreaking havoc on the human population, creating hordes of zombies that are taking over the cities. Your squad needs to do something quick! The dead are walking and a sinister new order is rising from the ashes. Rescue and Attack helicopters buzz overhead, guns ablaze. Amongst all the chaos is a shadow group that seems to be at the root of the outbreak. Who are they?

Arm yourself with a variety of weapons; assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles and take advantage of more powerful weapons on your mission to find a cure. Prepare yourself for epic battles…

You are part of a specialist Black Ops team, sent to investigate a secret military space station orbiting Earth. There have been no communications from the station in some time and the fate of the ship’s inhabitants are unknown. You and your team must fight your way through killer robots, rogue drones and merciless gun turrets to reclaim the high-tech military black-site.

Earth is gone… The last remnants of humanity travel the universe, following strange alien beacons. We found new worlds. Now it’s time to get rich. 

The aliens left behind Sol, a power source unlike any other. If you get the Sol, you’ve got it made. We pilot our combat rigs between the worlds looking for Sol. The winners make the score. The losers are just scrap metal.

Get ready to raid!

Undead Arena is the ’80s inspired post-apocalyptic VR game show where you and your friends battle waves of zombies. To get the high score and see your name on the leaderboard you’re going to need teamwork, good aim and a cool head. Not so easy when your squad is being overrun by zombies!

Your team is trapped, bunkered in a fort, amidst the chaos brought on by a zombie outbreak. A rescue team is on its way but you must defend the fort from wave after wave of zombies and rebuild barriers to protect yourselves while you wait. Choose different weapons throughout the attack, including: assault rifle; pump-action shotgun for high damage in close quarters; highly accurate sniper rifle; or go all-out with the heavy assault rifle or fully automatic mini gun when the barriers fall.

Crystal clear water sparkles as far as the eye can see. Bright, silky sand sifting between your toes. Good friends, great times and not a care in the world. So many memories in the making, and even more selfies!

That’s exactly how this trip was going before your group was captured and imprisoned by Vaas, and his small army of henchmen.

Not quite the tropical holiday you were hoping for?