It’s our first glimpse into a new business designed to bring a new reality.

The Waypoint VRcade is the largest virtual reality based-entertainment center in the country – and it opened Friday right here in Mishawaka.

We you got a sneak peek earlier this morning.

Honestly it’s something you’d have to get in and experience to fully grasp.

The rooms might not look like much but once you put on the goggles….

“Now, instead of controlling a player, you are the player,” says Todd Van Leeuwen, owner.

Hundreds of games that range from horror, to shooters, to family friendly. Van Leeuwen says there’s something for everyone.

Everything is wireless, allowing you to roam through the many twists and turns. They do have sensors that tell you where a wall or another player is.

With each game providing different experiences, Van Leeuwen says there’s power in video games.

“When I was the smallest kid at school, I got beat up all the time. I always wanted to be the superhero. So In video games I could be.”

Being the largest virtual reality center in the country, he hopes it will bring people from all over. But it also fills a void.

“The secret to attracting people here is having fun things for them to do,” said Jeff Rea, South Bend Regional Chamber CEO. “To have that sort of big city experience, to have the latest state of the art technology, to have a place where the family can come and have fun, we think is really significant.”

But it won’t be just for fun and games. Police and military members will be able to train there.

“You’re going to have more training, better training, more often and at a much reduced cost,” said Van Leeuwen.

Their hope is to give back to the entire community.

“Here this is going to be a home for everybody, it doesn’t matter what your interests are. We are just trying to make a safe place and something to do for everybody.”

Autistic himself, Van Leeuwen says they made sure they can reduce the sensory stimulators so they can play comfortably too.

Being in the middle of the shopping center of Mishawaka, Rea says this will not only become a destination but provide a boost to the area as a whole.

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